Category: Visions

The Weight of the Wait

“Give me the weight of the wait”, Jesus said, as He stretched His hands out to mine.  Life is full of waiting, isn’t it? Waiting in line at traffic lights, in the store, on the phone. It’s not a matter of if we will wait but why and how long we will wait. If you’re […]

Volcanic Breakthrough

A couple of weeks ago, as I was praying and talking with the Lord, I saw an image of a large, dark volcano erupting. I asked the Lord what it meant, and I felt in my spirit that this volcano symbolized a great breakthrough that was imminent in my life and circumstances. Additionally, as the […]

Tearing Our Hearts

As many of you know, I often receive visions while I worship the Lord, especially when I am worshipping with a body of believers. Sunday was New Year’s Day, and I was blessed with the following prophetic vision that I wanted to share with you. First, I saw the torn veil that had been hanging […]

Steeping in the Spirit

I received another teapot vision during worship at church yesterday morning that I wanted to share. We were all like teapots that were filled with hot water. As we steeped in the Holy Spirit, we became tastier and stronger. The longer we steeped, the more flavor we had. We were then poured out into tea […]