Women & The Word

I discovered this scripture last summer, right before I started writing my first book. It says, “The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng” (Psalm 68:11). With tomorrow being International Women’s Day, I thought I would share some thoughts.

In context, King David is describing the ancient custom of women declaring victory over a battle that has been won. This would involve a parade welcoming the brave men home from the war. It was often accompanied with singing, dancing and the playing of music by the women. I love how it says that the Lord announces the word, and then the women take that word and announce it to others. This served as confirmation for me when I was still unsure if God wanted me to write. In fact, the Amplified Bible uses the word “publish” it its translation!

I have also been spending the last few months reading the Old Testament. Invariably, I feel quite sorry for the women of that era. They were treated as property to serve men’s needs and little else. I mean, poor Bathsheba, one day she’s taking a bubble bath and the next minute she finds herself being forced upon, and later pregnant. There are many such instances of abuse of in the Bible. I asked the Lord about it, and He reminded me that it wasn’t like that in the Garden; Eve was Adam’s helper. However, after the fall, the world was changed because of sin. That is, until Jesus came and restored mankind and womankind. In fact, the New Testament declares that there is no longer male and female, but we are all one in Christ Jesus (see Galatians 3:28).

I want to encourage you today. The Lord has music, songs, dances, and books that He is waiting for women to create! Don’t be afraid to release the word that God is announcing to you. Let the mighty throng arise and proclaim His word in power to reach a lost and broken world. Let us shout for joy as the battle has already been won! Amen, so be it, Lord.