May I Borrow Your Boat?

In Luke 5, we read the story of the miraculous catch of fish, and the calling of Peter from being a catcher of fish to a catcher of men. As I was studying this passage last week, I heard the Lord ask me, “May I borrow your boat?”

You see, when Jesus asked Peter to use his boat, He was actually asking for the use of his most valuable resource – his livelihood. This boat was essential to his survival and success. Yet Peter freely gave Jesus his boat in obedience, surrender and faith. As a result, the Lord then multiplied and blessed Peter by bringing in an enormous load of fish, which until then, Peter had been unsuccessful at catching that day. Furthermore, Jesus called Peter into his identity and destiny!

So what is the boat that Jesus may be asking to borrow from you? For me, I believe the Lord wants to use my words and language skills. I have earned a living for the past 30 years by speaking and teaching Spanish. However, God has been leading me from teaching the language of Spanish to teaching the language of the Spirit.

What is your greatest resource that the Lord may be asking to borrow from you? Notice that He doesn’t take, He gently borrows, uses and then fully restores what we offer to Him in surrender, obedience and faith.

When you do allow Jesus to borrow your boat, I offer this advice:

1. Don’t be afraid of hearing new instructions from the Lord. Even if you’ve been an expert at “fishing” all day, God may surprise you by asking you to launch out into the “deep” or to “fish” at odd times of day or in different ways. God can bring about long-term gain from short-term loss. He is the God of the impossible.

2. Prepare for a miraculous provision of sales, profits, raises, and promotions. As you offer to God what is vital and valuable, even if you have spent years working to no avail or satisfaction, God will use what you give Him. It’s not by our abilities but by His Spirit, working in us, that will cause miracles to happen.

3. Be willing to partner with others. This does not mean you are not able, but that the “catch” will be so large it will affect those around you! Peter had to ask the other fishermen to help him, since the catch was so large. When I set about to publish my book, I had to work with an editor, a cover designer, and a printer. God is excited to work through so many of us to accomplish His will.

4. Beware of “Imposter Syndrome”. When you embark on something special and significant for the Lord (as Peter did) you may feel unqualified, unworthy or insignificant. Am I really an author, evangelist, or prophet, etc? This is where God’s grace takes over! Scripture assures us that His grace works best in our weaknesses. He does His best work through yielded, available and broken vessels. This is the way we bring HIM the glory – not ourselves.

Won’t you let Jesus borrow your “boat” in this season?