How Long?

The other day I was reading in the book of Joshua, where Joshua asks several of the tribes of Israel “How long will you be slack, (or neglect to go) and possess the land which the Lord God of your fathers has given you?” (See Joshua 18:3)

You see, only half of the tribes at that point had actually scoped out the land, chosen their parts, and established boundary lines of possession and inheritance.

The other half had grown slow, lazy, and nonchalant about inhabiting what the Lord had already given them.

I then heard the Lord asking, “How long? How long will you be slack? How long will you be slack to possess My promises and inhabit My inheritance? How long will you be slack to take your healing? How long will you be slack to live the abundant life My Son died for you to have? How long will you be slack? How long?” 

Unlike the slack tribes, the victorious Christian must be diligent (not slack) in fighting the fight of faith to possess the promises and inhabit the inheritance of the Father.

Unlike the physical fighting the Israelites had to endure, our warfare is spiritual, and takes place in the mind and thought-life of the believer. 

Too many believers have the idea that if something is God’s will for them to have, then it will just automatically happen without any effort or involvement on their part.

Not so, we have to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. We must believe what He says. We must resist doubt and fear. To walk in the fullness of blessing that God desires for us, and we must fight the good fight of faith.

Be a warrior-believer. Fight with your sword, which is the word of God. Stand your ground. Now. How long will you be slack?