Align with the Divine

This March 28th, there is a rare planetary alignment happening! This will occur only seven times this millennium. Jesus told us to be aware of the signs in the heavens, so my spirit leaped when I read about this in the news.

So, what exactly is a planetary alignment? It’s when a several planets gather closely on one side of the sun at the same time. This month, five of the planets will align, which is considered a large alignment, as opposed to a mini or small alignment. This time, the planets Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars will closely align with the sun. What does this mean spiritually? As I prayed with the Lord about this, the Holy Spirit revealed several important points that believers can apply to their lives.

Firstly, we are to align with God’s purpose and power. Remember what happened in Genesis when the people aligned with one another to build the tower of Babel? They were so powerful that they could have accomplished anything, if God hadn’t had to step in! What about the time the disciples gathered in the upper room in the books of Acts with one accord and one purpose? The Holy Spirit was released, and a new era of revelation and intimacy with God was ushered in! Both were instances of great power and breakthrough being released as the people aligned in their intentions and their desires. God is calling His body of believers to align their purposes to release divine power and glory in the Earth today.

Secondly, we are to align at a specific time. Just as the planets are gathering on one side of the sun at a specific time, so the Church is called to align on the side of the Son at specific times. Jesus prayed that His bride (the Church) would be united as one body. The Bible also tells us that there is blessing where there is unity. As we unite on one side, at one specific time, there will be a shift and a change. There are several instances in the scriptures where God used several people at the same, specific time to carry out His plan. God orchestrated the events of Ananias’ and Paul’s lives to work together at the same time. He also worked in the lives of Cornelius and Peter, at the same time, to reveal His plan of including the gentiles into His family.

Thirdly, just as the planets are in a specific position right now, so we are being positioned. Some of us are being positioned for promotion. Others are being positioned for provision. Such positioning is for our protection and our effectiveness. Just as in a school when there is a fire drill, the teachers will line the students up as they account for them for their safety and protection. Likewise, a car will get a wheel alignment or maximum tire efficiency and to ensure that vehicle travels straight. There are benefits to being in a specific position.

I’m not into astrology, but I felt led to look up the the symbolism behind the planets that are aligning. I quickly discovered that Jupiter symbolizes abundance and success. Mercury represents communication and intellect. Venus stands for love and beauty. Mars symbolizes energy and war. Uranus means change and innovation. God is calling us, as believers in Christ, to align our resources (Jupiter), our thinking (Mercury), our affection (Venus) and our energy (Mars) with the Kingdom of Heaven and His Son to release and receive breakthrough and change (Uranus). I can’t end a post with that word (ha, ha)! I pray that you align with the divine assignment, promotion, provision and connection at a the appointed time, in Jesus’ name.