A vision statement is a sentence or two that describes your aspirations for your future. It may include your purpose, goals, values, growth, outcomes, and impact. It serves as a way to envision your future with God.

Having a clear, meaningful vision statement can help motivate you. It can prompt action and release your imagination. For inspiration and examples, you might want to look at the vision statements of businesses or organizations that touch or impress you.  

Your statement should include the actions you will take, the people or places you will impact, and how or why you will accomplish this. For example, a coffee company might have the following vision statement: “Collaborate to roast great-tasting, organic coffee products with companies that support the well-being of all people.”

How to get started:

1. Make a list of your short and long-term goals.

2. Make a list of your priorities, purposes, talents, and passions.

3. Which outcomes, results or impact do you want to achieve?

4. How will God change and develop you through this?

5. What might God want to create or accomplish through you?

6. Who might God want to help through you?

7. How will God help you do this?

8. Describe God’s perfect future for you.

9. Write out what you think God’s vision for your life is right now.

10. Construct your vision statement using the answers to the above questions (and others) and by asking for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and guidance. Revise and rewrite as you gain greater focus and clarity.