Pursuing God’s vision for our lives requires clarity, focus and discipline. In an attention-grabbing world, it can be difficult to perceive the Holy Spirit and strive for clarity.

We have developed these eight elementary questions to help you refine your Kingdom vision. These eight elements were also substantiated in the life of Jesus as He pursued the Father’s vision.

Get a pen and paper out and brainstorm about the following:

1. What are some things that give me a sense of purpose or accomplishment?

2. In which direction or position would I like to see my life going?

3. When do I feel the closest to God? When do I sense His presence?

4. Which activities energize, motivate and fill me with passion?

5. In which times have I been reminded to maintain an eternal perspective?

6. When have I felt God’s supernatural power working in me?

7. Where and when have I seen God’s provision in my life when I needed it most?

8. Where and when do I feel most grounded and at peace? What makes me peaceful?

Download this Kingdom Vision Checklist to see how many of these eight elements are found in the vision or endeavor you want to pursue.